Suet Doughs & Tree Icing

Pine Tree Farms’ Wild Bird Suet Doughs has refined these products to maintain a high melting point for warmer climate conditions. Top-quality seeds, grains, peanut butter, and peanuts, are used to attract a larger variety of wild birds. All of our Wild Bird Suet products are packaged for customer convenience and satisfaction.

Orange Suet Dough - 1080

Orange Suet Dough 12 oz.

Rendered Suet Beef
Ground Oranges
UPC: 7488840010808
12/cs (10 lbs.)

Peanut Butter Suet Dough - 1740

Peanut Butter Suet Dough 12oz

Peanut Butter
Rendered Beef Suet
Gournd Peanuts
UPC: 7488840017409
12/cs (10 lbs.)

Tree Icing

Our new Tree Icing suet can be spread onto our handcrafted¬†feeders or onto the bark of your favorite tree to attract your feathered friends. These new hardwood constructed feeders are¬†made in New York’s beautiful Adirondack region.

Tree Icing - 9001

Tree Icing Suet Spread 1.75 lbs.

Rendered Beef Suet
Peanut Butter
UPC: 7488840090013
8/cs (16 lbs.)

Tree Icing Feeder - 9000

Tree Icing Feeder

UPC: 748884090006
4/cs (4 lbs.)

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